Is Your House For Sale?

A visual story

You are a “house.” There are many rooms, many parts to your house; each room represents a part of your life. There’s your family relationships, your financial condition, your education, your friendships, your role as father, mother, son, daughter, there’s your accomplishments, and your failures, your pride, all that makes up you and your life.

The Lord draws those who will admit that they have not been good landlords. He comes for those whose houses are little more than shacks, because these are the people who will recognize their need.

He offers to purchase the house, but before the transaction is made, he spells out the terms of the sale. When he purchases the house, he will come in and totally redo it. He’ll knock down walls, strip the decorations, he’ll dig up and replace the foundation. Sometimes it will be painful. But it is necessary because he wants to change the shack into a palace, a palace where the King Himself will reside.

Can't both be Lord

Change of ownership

To be born again one must come to the realization that Jesus is LORD, and relinquish authority and control of one’s "house," one’s life, to him. That means once you hand him the keys, you let go all rights to the governing of your life. You must be willing to trustingly surrender to him the key to each room, including the darkest ones, the hidden ones. Once this transaction takes place, the renovation will begin. The Lord will move in and begin the transformation of the human soul.