The Cost To You

Why people resist

Many people shrink back from such a transaction out of fear of what it will entail. And that’s a legitimate consideration. You must first come to realize that all you have done and accomplished for yourself misses the mark. One must first come to see that all treasure here is going to pass away, and he must be willing to receive the admonition of Jesus that one should instead lay up treasure for himself in heaven, where it will last forever.

He can totally be trusted

"Great is thy faithfulness...."

And finally, one must come to the realization that the Lord who made us has our BEST interests at heart. He will not inflict suffering for the sake of suffering, he will not do ANYTHING in us apart from a goal to bring about in us the fulfillment of all the desire of our hearts. We are particularly made, no two persons alike. We are as unique as our fingerprints. We have been made with a personality, talents, abilities, and gifts unique to each one alone, and with desires that flow out of each one’s unique personality. The Lord will bring all these together to fulfill the whole purpose and potential placed within each one before that one was even born.

Will he demand that I be a missionary in Africa?

Will there be no more fun in my life?

Some might fear coming to the Lord because of a dread of what he will call him to be a –a missionary in Africa, for example? This suggestion to the mind is a lie. Whatever the Lord calls a person to do, will be completely in harmony with the way that person is made. Ask any missionary, and he will tell you he couldn’t conceive of any other way of life, because his call is completely suited to the way he was made. The Lord is not seeking to go contrary to the way he has made an individual, but instead to fulfill the heart of that person and all that is in him. One who has been born again and has walked with the Lord for a length of time, will tell you that his whole satisfaction is in the new life the Lord has made for him individually. Do not fear what God will do inside you, nor what it will cost. His goal is the maturation and perfection of all your desire, your gifts, your talents, your very personality until he has made you the person you were uniquely created to be.

God has a unique plan for your life

You were planned before the foundation of the world

God has a specific and individual plan for your life. Your fulfillment as a human being can only happen as you find out what that plan is and give yourself over to letting him bring it all to pass. It will be a decision you will never regret.

If you choose to avoid his plan for your life

God will never violate your free will

Regret -is suddenly arriving at the end of your life, and standing before your creator only to find out that you missed what he had planned for your life.

If you accept

You will never regret it

The greatest satisfaction a human being can experience is in arriving at the end of his life and standing before his Creator, and hearing, “Well done thou good and faithful servant.” The rewards awaiting us in heaven are eternal, they will be ours forever. The wise person heeds this message and determines to seek only that which will last forever

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